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10 Oct 2021 - New partner project: Turtle Time

We are happy to announce new partnership with Turtle Time project.

We are so happy to announce the partnership with Turtle Time NFT Project. New amazing things are coming. They will collaborate in the 3rd chapter, The Dark Dungeon, with awesome rewards.

Stay tuned!

8 Oct 2021 - New custom character selection

Now you can use your custom characters inside the adventurers.

We did a complete refactor of the Customize your adventure section (You need to be a chapter owner to access to this site).

Now you can see all the adventurer characters that you have and select them to play with a new appearance. Also, you can check the name, rarity and description of yours characters.

Enjoy your adventurer with your favorite character!

6 Oct 2021 - Global Adventure Stats

New section on adventurer stats that shows the top10 best adventurer.

Global Adventure Stats

Now you can see a new section inside the Global Stats inside the adventurer page.

The points on this section are computed based on the:

  • Number of chapter completed.
  • Amount of time in complete.
  • Number the chapter retries.
  • The position in the first top10 in complete.

In the near future, we will reward the best adventurer of the CryptoAdventurerWorld.

If you are here is because you are an adventurer finding new adventures.

The main idea of the project is to make adventures. An adventure is a story made up of chapters, these chapters are games and you can play them on this website. You need to be a chapter holder first to play it. It's a NFT GAME!

The chapters will be released periodically continuing the adventure. In the future, new adventures will appear, some of them will interact with each other, making interconnections in the CryptoAdventureWorld.

The CryptoAdventureWorld will reward its players based on their achievements! For example:

  • Be in the top3 player that complete a chapter first.
  • Complete some secondary quests.
  • Complete all chapters of an adventure.

Why are you continuing reading? Go to the first adventure now!

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